All my offerings are aimed at reconnecting you with your nature. I have a holistic approach which is supported by my gift as a Seer.

Many suffer from nightmares or unclear recurring dreams. Dream Reading Session(s) can help you unravel those dreams and get insight and understanding about what it is your subconscious is processing.

A Healing Walk through the Past is a series of 5 or more sessions where I guide you on your journey to discover what past events are holding you back from growing into your full potential and how to break through them.

I create a Personalized Ritual to your wishes and energyflow and are focused on the event or occasion you wish to use it for (unless you specifically request for a ritual that you can use for different occasions).

If you feel like I could help you with something that is not listed here, I am more than happy to create something new.
Please contact me if you need more information or want personal advice on which offering(s) would suit you best.

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