~Dream Reading~

Do you want to discover what the meaning of your dreams? Or if your (recurring) dream hold any hidden message?

Why do we dream?

Dreams are a fantastic result of our subconscious mind, processing the events we have experienced during the day. But unlike our conscious mind, our subconscious can mirror the events to be processed in a very imaginative way. This may cause that your dream is not really clear to you straightaway.

If your subconscious is unable to process the events in the given time and space, the dream may return or you may start having different dreams with a common vibe. And often that is not a pleasant experience because it is usually not about good memories.

At such times a dream reading can be helpful and valuable.

What is Dream Reading?

Dream Reading, also known as Dream Interpretation, is the unraveling of the images that your subconscious reflects to you.

Although science does not yet recognize dream interpretation as proven, it has been used in ancient times and the old religions. Seers and shamans, important people of high status within a tribe, used dreams as a valuable source of information in their work.

There are plenty of books and websites about Dream Interpretation. You simply look up a particular element that you remember from your dream and the book or website explains its meaning.
However, this suggests that everyone interprets and processes things in the same way. And in all my years of Dream Readings I have learned that elements in dreams can have different meanings to different people. So I don’t use that kind of books or websites.

In my Dream Reading Sessions I channel on your energy and listen to the story your subconscious tells me. We often tell more than we realize. If you listen carefully, more information can be heard between the lines we use. And that’s exactly what I do: I listen to you.

What benefits can you get out of a Dream Reading?

You will discover the meaning or message your dream holds. Often it can give peace of mind to know the meaning or message of a dream, and with this knowledge you can work on processing or give closure to what is holding you back.

If you want to learn how to do do your own Dream Readings I can help you understand the way your subconscious works. You will discover how it mirrors and processes events.
This is usually not achieved within 1 session and therefore I recommend the 5 session package so that we have sufficient time to establish a stable base for you to work from.

Single Session
Price: € 70,-
Duration: 1 session of 60 to 90 min

5 Session Package
€ 330,-
Duration: 5 sessions of 60 to 90 min

Much support in understanding not only my dreams but how my dreams effect my life and my effects my dreams.
Her depth of understanding things about me like PTSD and how that plays a part in our dream state and waking state has given me a better awareness about myself. She gives her wisdom with such confidence and compassion that all my fears about asking about this part of my life are gone. She spends a lot of time gathering information from me so her help stretches beyond things I thought dream work involved.
She has taught me how to take control over those dreams which have “haunted” my waking life and given me guidance that no on else has been able to that helps me in my everday life.
She is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and clearly dedicated to this which then gives me the confidence to open up to her.
I am extremely grateful for all she does for me as my life has changed significantly since connecting with her. Opening up was not easy for me, but I think she saw this in me and worked around it witch such care my trust soon grew.
I would hightly recommend others pursue this path as I have come to realise how vital it is to every aspect of life.

– Susie (Australia)

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